Who uses BOHS Foam Clay ?

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BOHS Foam Clay is a popular material used by a variety of people, including:

Artists and crafters: BOHS Foam Clay is often used by artists and crafters for creating sculptures, figurines, and other decorative objects.

Hobbyists: Hobbyists who enjoy creating various types of artwork and crafts, such as jewelry making, also use BOHS Foam Clay as a medium.

Children: BOHS Foam Clay is a popular material for children to use in arts and crafts projects as it is easy to handle and doesn't require baking or firing in a kiln.

Teachers: Teachers often use BOHS Foam Clay as a classroom art supply for various art projects and activities.

Cosplay enthusiasts: BOHS Foam Clay is used in the creation of props and accessories for cosplay costumes.

Professional sculptors: Professional sculptors use BOHS Foam Clay as a medium for creating larger sculptures that do not require firing.

DIY home decorators: DIY home decorators use BOHS Foam Clay to create decorative items for their homes, such as wall hangings, planters, and candle holders.

Overall, BOHS Foam Clay is a versatile material that can be used by a wide range of people for different purposes.

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