How to make butter slime out of BOHS Foam Clay

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Making clay slime or butter slime is a fun and creative activity that combines the softness of clay with the elasticity of slime. This unique mixture offers a wonderful texture that is perfect for manipulating, stretching, and molding.

Bohs Foam Clay can be an excellent addition to slime for several reasons:

  1. Texture Enhancement: Bohs Foam Clay adds a unique texture to slime, making it thicker, stretchier, and often more satisfying to play with. The addition of clay can transform the slime into a buttery and smooth consistency, which is often sought after in the slime community.

  2. Color Variety: By mixing Bohs Foam Clay of different colors into slime, you can create a vast array of hues and patterns. This can be particularly appealing to those who enjoy the aesthetic aspects of slime-making.

  3. Scent Retention: Bohs Foam Clay can hold scents well. This means that if you're creating scented slime, the addition of clay can help maintain the fragrance for a longer duration, enhancing the sensory experience.

  4. Shape and Moldability: With Bohs Foam Clay in the mix, the slime becomes more moldable and can hold shapes better. This can add a creative aspect to playing with slime, allowing for more intricate designs and shapes to be formed.

  5. Durability and Longevity: Bohs Foam Clay can help in increasing the durability of the slime. It may prevent the slime from drying out too quickly, extending its shelf life and play value.

  6. Sensory Experience: The addition of Bohs Foam Clay to slime can enhance the sensory experience, providing a different tactile feel. This is particularly beneficial for sensory play, which is a key aspect of why many people, especially children, enjoy playing with slime.

In summary, Bohs Foam Clay can enhance the physical properties of slime, like texture and moldability, and also improve its aesthetic and sensory qualities, making it a popular choice for slime enthusiasts and toy designers.


Here are the steps to make clay slime or butter slime using BOHS Foam Clay:

Three Materials Needed:

BOHS Foam Clay(any colors) ,Clear School glue ,Contact lens solution or diluted borax


1. In a bowl, pour some school glue 

2. Add the contact lens solution or diluted borax to the glue seperately for 3-5 times, stirring constantly . Continue adding the solution until the mixture starts to come together and form a sticky mass.Knead the mass with your hands until it reaches an elastic and non-sticky texture. 

The key trick is add the lens solution or diluted borax several times in small amounts.DO NOT pour the solution or diluted borax too much once a time.

3.Take a portion of BOHS Foam Clay (approximately one-third of the volume of the slime) and knead it until it is smooth and flexible.

Combine the slime and BOHS Foam Clay, kneading them together until they are fully mixed and have a smooth, buttery texture.

Once you have created your clay slime( butter slime), you can enjoy your new unique creation. Remember to store the slime in an airtight container when not in use to prevent it from drying out.

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