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Q1:Does BOHS foam clay include gluten or latex?

A: BOHS foam clay is gluten ,wheat and latex free. 

The ingredients of BOHS foam clay including: Water ; Methyl methacrylate, styrene,acryic acid polymerPolyvinyl alcoho; GlycerinPigmentIsothiazolinone.

Q2:Does the Bohs foam clay stick to wood ?

A:Yes, the Bohs foam clay stick to raw wood, but the adhesiveness can be reduced if the wood is varnished.

Q3:Does foam clay crack ?

A:No, Bohs foam clay does not crack, nor break even fall on floor.

Q4:Will Bohs foam clay stick to glass ?

A:Yes, Bohs foam clay stick glass, so that you can use Bohs foam clay to decorate a glass bottle into a vase.

Q5:Does Bohs foam clay dry hard ?

A:Yes, Bohs foam clay dry hard, and it’s lightweight when it’s air dried.

Q6: Is Bohs foam clay toxic ?

A:Bohs foam clay is designed to be non-toxic and complies with safety standards such as ASTM and CE in the USA and Europe.

Q7: How long does it take to dry?

 A: It depends on the product size and the surrounding temperature and humidity. Using a hair dryer can shorten the drying time.

Q8: Can I bake Bohs foam clay ?

A: No, you can not bake Bohs foam clay, because Bohs foam clay is a type of air dry clay, it is flammable after drying hard.

Q9: What should I do if I eat clay by mistake?

A: If your children or pets eat it by accident, please remain calm and observe whether the child exhibits any adverse reactions.
At the same time, we recommend that you contact customer service as soon as possible for assistance. According to our tests and experience, if a child eats a small amount by accident, he or she should drink more warm water, eat more crude fiber food, and promote excretion, and no adverse symptoms will occur.

Q10: What should I do if the clay dries up?

A:  1. If you find that the clay is dry and feels like rubber, you can put a few drops of water in the clay,

Then seal it and store it in an environment around 25°C, and it will soften overnight.

  1. If it is found that the clay has dried out and becomes hard, it is not recommended to soften it again, because the dried clay is very sticky after softening and is not suitable for use.
  2. When the clay softens, discoloration and stickiness will appear during the kneading process. This phenomenon will disappear after repeated kneading for a while, and will not cause harm to the body.

Q11: How to keep the works clean?

A: In order to keep the "work" clean and the children's hygiene, please remind the children to wash their hands before and after using the clay. Trim your child's nails to prevent clay from becoming trapped in the nails. When it is difficult to remove dandruff from your hands, rub a ball of used waste clay on your hands repeatedly to allow the clay to absorb the dandruff. 

Q12: What should I do if the work is deformed?

A: Suggestions for drying the works: Because of improper drying, clay works or parts are frequently deformed after they are created. You can use: upside down to dry (for example, flowers, long strips, etc.); paper towels, cotton, etc. for cushioning (for example, balls, curved surfaces, etc.); toothpicks for fixing (for example, balls, curved surfaces, etc). (for example: heads, hands and other parts).

Q13: How to make BOHS Foam Clay waterproof?
BOHS foam clay is not naturally waterproof. To make it waterproof,here is a few options you can choose:
1.Apply a varnish or sealant to create a protective layer.
2.Use waterproof glue to form a moisture barrier.
3.Add a coat of wax for water resistance.

Q14:What's the ingredients of BOHS foam clay?

Answer: The ingredients of BOHS foam clay including: Water ; Methyl methacrylate, styrene,acryic acid polymerPolyvinyl alcoho; GlycerinPigmentIsothiazolinone.



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