BOHS Montessori Bead Chains & Squares - Skip Counting,Multiplication & Square Number - Math Manipulatives Materials - Pre-K Learning Educational Toys

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  • Skip Counting - The children learn to count in linear sequence by arranging the colored beads and arrows in meaningful ways, and then progress to mastering skip counting.
  • Preparation for Multiplication - Understanding skip counting might be a useful first step towards understanding multiplication. For instance, from 0 to 10, we skipped counting by two. There are five "skips," which means that in order to get 10, we must skip counting by 2 five times. Alternatively, 2 x 5 = 10.
  • Square Numbers-Player fold the bead chain and overlap it on the bead square, which lead the player to learn that the square value is the total beads of the bead chains.
  • Package Content :bead chains 1-10 , bead squares 1-10, arrows (two sets of arrows are included, one of which is a backup set.)
  • Materials: Plastic beads and arrows, copper bars.