6 Pegs Mini Knobbed Cylinder Blocks Montessori - 6.7 Inches - Colorful Wooden Early Home School Toy - 4pcs Set

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  • Dimension Discrimination - Isolate the relationship between dimension and volume, match the correct cylinder to the block space, the child will be left with one that does not fit if any cylinder is out of order, a self-correcting shrunk down version of a quintessential Montessori work.
  • Toddler Peg Puzzle - Helps toddlers to learn the concept of height,size,counting,geometry shapes.A nice trial run for traditional Montessori activities. Great choice for home teaching of preschool kids.
  • Occupational Therapy - A great toy for enhancing fine motor skills, spacial reasoning,and hand coordination,dexterity for young children boys and girl as they grab the peg and match.
  • Language Development - Play with toddlers as they work on it,they can use lots of great vocabulary such as: tall/er, short/er, wide/r, thin/ner, helps to develop language skills.
  • Pincer Grip Development - Enables your baby to this essential fine motor skill by hold the peg between the thumb and the other fingers.