BOHS Pink Modeling Foam Clay, Soft Air Dry, for School Project, Butter Slime, Fake Bake - 1.1 Lbs/17.6 OZ, Age 3 Years & up

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    • Multiple Uses - From butter slime, to costuming and cosplay mask, decorative items, sculpted figures etc., so many craft projects you can think of
    • Clean & Easy to use - No crumbles, easy to scuplt, model, sand, and paint; mix with white clay can lighten any other color clay
    • Decorate Items - The clay is sticky with styrofoam, glass, and metal, and once dry, it can be painted with markers or paints
    • Air Dry - No kiln or oven needed, just leave your creation out to air dry naturally
    • Resealable Zip Bag - Come with resealable zip bag for easy storage and reuse
    • Popular Clay - BOHS Foam Clay is popular among artists, crafters, hobbyists, children, teachers, cosplay enthusiasts, sculptors, and DIY home decorators
    • Sparks Creativity- Limitless possibilities with a few colored clay and promotes innovative thinking
    • Develops Manual Dexterity- Molding and shaping clay to fit user's ideas through squeezing, patting, and pounding
    • Calming Effects - Helps to relieve tension, release excess energy, and improve concentration
    • Strengthens Fine Motor Skills - Molding clay into various shapes enhances hand muscles