BOHS Evermold Slime Tri-Color Egg Set - Never Dry-Out, Stretchy & Moldable - Play Anywhere from Tabletop to Bathtub & Pool- Ideal for Easter Day Gifts & Party Favors

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  • Egg-Shaped Wonder: Packaged in unique, transparent egg-shaped containers, our slime is not only fun to play with but also aesthetically pleasing, making it a delightful display piece when not in use.
  • Squish, Squash, Mold & Shape: Unleash your creativity with a slime that's perfect for molding and shaping. Whether you're a child or a child-at-heart, Evermold Slime offers an excellent way to express your artistic side.
  • Floats on Water: Add a splash of fun to your play! Our unique water-floating feature makes bath time or pool play even more exciting, offering a new dimension of aquatic entertainment.
  • Non-Sticky & Mess-Free: Enjoy the fun without the fuss. Our slime is specially formulated to be non-sticky, ensuring your hands stay clean and your surfaces clear of residue.
  • Super Stretchy & Fluffy: Feel the satisfaction with every stretch! Evermold Slime is both stretchy and fluffy, providing a tactile experience that's as satisfying as it is fun.
  • Safe & Non-Toxic: Safety is our priority. Made with non-toxic materials, this slime is safe for all ages, making it a worry-free choice for parents and a delightful one for kids.
  • Innovative Never-Dry Formula: Enjoy endless fun with our Evermold Slime that's designed to never dry out. Say goodbye to hardening and hello to perpetual playtime!
  • Ideal for gifts, party favors, or as a unique addition to any toy collection, the Three-Color Evermold Slime in its charming egg-shaped container is sure to excite and inspire!