BOHS Milk Chocolate Brown Modeling Foam Clay - Squishy,Soft, Air Dry -for School Project,Cosplay,Fake Bake, Slime Supplies-1.1 Lbs/ 500 Grams

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    • Notice - This brown clay color is close to milk chocolate,specifically tawny color (Terra cotta) when still wet , it will become darker and brownish as the clay dries.
    • Multiples Uses - From butter slime, to costuming and cosplay mask, decorative items, sculpted figures,props etc.
    • Decorate Items - Sticky with polystyrene foam, glass, and metal, and once dried, can be painted with markers or paints
    • Air Dry - Air-dries, no oven or kiln needed, simply let your creation dry naturally
    • Resealable Zip Bag - Resealable zipper bag for easy storage and reuse
    • Popular Clay - BOHS Foam Clay is popular among artists, crafters, hobbyists, children, teachers, cosplay enthusiasts, sculptors, and DIY home decorators.
    • Sparks Creativity- Limitless possibilities with a few colored clay and promotes innovative thinking
    • Encourages Creativity- With just a few colors of clay, your kids can come up with limitless creations.When kids make things from scratch, they're encouraged to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ideas.
    • Develops Manual Dexterity- Molding and shaping clay to fit user's ideas through squeezing, patting, and pounding
    • Calming Effects - Helps to relieve tension, release excess energy, and improve concentration