BOHS Italian Literacy Wiz Fun Game - See and Hide Spelling - 60 Flash Cards - Preschool Language Learning Educational Toys

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  • See & Hide Spell - The BOHS literacy wiz game, with its see and hide flap, can play both the see and spell game and the hide and spell game, meeting the needs of players of all levels.
  • 6-letter Spelling - The spelling tray has 6 pegs, allowing players to spell words ranging from 1 to 6 letters, considerably expanding vocabulary coverage.
  • Spelling with Visual Aids - By putting the letter tiles together to form a word, the kid gains an important understanding of the mechanics of vocabulary, aided by the picture cards which provide a clue to the meaning of the word being formed.
  • Learning Disguised as Game - Your kid can play this game alone, or taking turns to play with a sibling or friend,cover word with the flap, the one who spells correctly keep the card,the one keeps the most cards wins. This could keep the kids busy for hours in educational time.
  • Parents' Rest - This game can be played alone by children, giving parents a much-needed rest.
  • Multiple Purposes - Letter recognition, phonics and spelling of words, and early vocabulary are all covered by playing this game.
  • Increase Attention Span & Memory - Working towards creating each word and match it with the card helps your child develop their concentration and memory skills, preparing them the essential skills for future academic success